Local artist Bridget Spinney has curated a pollinator-themed art exhibition in conjunction with the Pollinator Project.

Thirty local artists have contributed a piece of pollinator-inspired art to raise awareness of the role bees, butterflies, hoverflies, wasps and moths have in our food and in nature, and to inspire more people to act to protect them.

Mrs Spinney has contributed to the collection.

Her work is a large collection of organic prints in the shape of a butterfly.

The theme of her work is a celebration of the organic world. She uses leaves, flowers, plantains and more to create the impression of a beautiful pollinator.

‘My work is printed in pollinator plants, and I hope it makes people realise that even here in Guernsey, our insects are in crisis. I hope it makes people think about keeping the habitat safe for these important insects,’ she said.

The 30 pieces of art feature a wide variety of media and were created to form a wide range of commentary about environmentalism, pollinators and climate change.

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