Guernsey Water has made a strong stance against weed killers, specifically glyphosate in their ‘Don’t Spray’ campaign launch this Easter.

They have asked for people to “limit the use of herbicides and pesticides in gardens and to deploy them responsibly to reduce the hazardous chemicals entering the local environment”.

The utility is advising that pesticides and herbicides should be deployed with caution, in accordance with professional guidance, and not be applied to vulnerable areas of local habitat such as douits, stream banks, ponds, wet meadows, marshy areas, drainage ditches, culverts or paved areas.

We’re delighted that they are also encouraging the use of ‘green’ weeding methods such as hand removal of weeds, vinegar sprays or utilising mulch or wood chips as a weed barrier.

Margaret McGuinness, Water Quality Risk Manager at Guernsey Water, said: “With people spending increased amounts of time in their gardens as the weather improves, it is a good time to offer advice on how to protect the local environment whilst enjoying time outdoors.

“If Islanders plan to apply either herbicides or pesticides, they should follow the professional guidelines provided and limit their usage. We would, however, encourage natural alternatives where possible for the benefit of our environment and water resources.”

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