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The app that bumblebee lovers are buzzing about

Bumblr is our app that helps you identify the six types of Bumblebees in Guernsey, and helps us find out how many there are, and where they are.

It’s a citizen science project. We know there are six species of Bumblebee in the Bailiwick– but we need to know more details if we’re going to protect them.

We are aware that throughout Europe, throughout the world, the pollinators are in decline, but we don’t have a benchmark in Guernsey to work out where they are, where they prefer to feed and their abundance. So once we’ve got a line in the sand so to speak, we can work out if things are getting better for bees or if they are  getting worse.

Bumblr is helping build this data which will help the future conservation of Bumblebees.

Bumblr will only use your location whilst it is running in the foreground and does not record any personal data when logging sighting location.

Bumblr is available in the App Store and on Google Play (currently waiting for apporval) so you can download it for a smart phone or for a tablet.

How to use Bumblr

So the idea is to get outside, use the app on your walks or wherever you see a Bumblebee, and log it on the app.

There’s an identification guide on the app so you can identify which one it is before you log it. It’s that easy – spot a bee, open the app, choose which one it is, tell us what type of habitat you are in (from a choice) and tell us how many bees you see. The app will locate you on a map. That’s it.

The data that comes in will go to the Guernsey Biological Records Centre and is also being analysed by our pollination ecology friends at Bristol University. They will analyse the data and we’ll get an understanding of where bees are, their distribution and their abundance.

"Fantastic app packed full of interesting and useful information. Works very well and is something that the whole family can enjoy. It has got my children searching for bees when we’re out on walks"