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About Us

Pollinator Project Guernsey

The Pollinator Project was set up in 2017 as a non-profit group of volunteers in Guernsey who are passionate about pollinator conservation. We focus on community action, education and science in the Guernsey Bailiwick. It was originally an arm of La Société Guernesiaise and is now a registered charity and LBG and we continue to work with many other local environmental groups to
enhance biodiversity in the island. 

If you’d like to work with us, or just want to know more, do get in touch on social media or at pollinatorproject @ icloud. com

We promote the conservation of Guernsey’s naturally occurring pollinating insects and the health of their supporting ecosystems

We aim to protect local pollinators and their habitats and help them thrive in the future. This covers wild bees (bumblebees and solitary bees), wasps, hoverflies, moths and butterflies that nest on island.

It’s important to us to use conservation to bring people together in something positive that benefits people, as well as benefiting the island’s pollinators and the habitats that we share with them. We do this by encouraging islanders to be actively involved in conservation in their own gardens or land, to learn more about bees, moths and butterflies, and to see more of and appreciate the habitats that our pollinators live in. This is to switch people onto conservation, for the benefit of the local environment.

The team of Pollinator Project volunteers bring together lots of organisations in our work including government, other charities and conservation groups locally, in Jersey and internationally. Locally we work with community groups, schools, designers and artists, finance organisations and utilities.

Some funding was given to us by the States of Guernsey Biodiversity Partnership for our first education campaign and an event, but we do not receive any other funding. We tend to gain corporate sponsorship for campaign goods, or from award wins. All donations and sponsorship discussions are welcome.

Contact us at pollinatorproject @ icloud. com

What we do:


Who We Are

Barry Wells - Pollinator Project co-founder

Barry Wells has been a member of La Société Guernesiaise since 1981, was the Vice President until 2020 and co-founded the Pollinator Project in 2017 with Vanessa Crispini-Adams. He has a long-term passion for birding, nature photography (, entomology and since retiring devotes his time to environmental projects. He worked for 25 years in communications and ran his own business for much of this time.  

Louise Gabriel brings more than 25 years of experience of communications from the corporate, third and public sector. A love of nature, planting and creating gardens has been recently focused by an increasing awareness of the need to protect declining species and to help inform other people how they can be proactive and create richer habitats to help pollinators thrive. 

Dr Miranda Bane

Miranda Bane has a PhD in Pollination Ecology from the University of Bath and is now working as a research associate at the University of Bristol, in partnership with the Pollinator Project, to deliver a 5-year research programme studying pollinator communities and the impacts of pesticides in the Channel Islands.

Gordon Steele in a Pollinator Patch

Gordon Steele graduated in Applied Biology, spent 4 years in research before undertaking a corporate career spanning commercial horticulture, energy, postal and logistics in marketing and general management roles. He now focuses his energies on the Pollinator Project and the management of two wildflower meadows. 

Sharon Hickma

Sharon Hickman has been a warden of St Martins for several years and has had a lifelong interest in everything nature. She spends her garden, allotment and managing a small field and an area of woodland with her husband to create a haven for wildlife, and working with the Pollinator Project.

Richard Kowenicki is the Pollinator Project’s recently appointed Treasurer, with 40-plus years of being a self-employed chartered accountant. He’s been aligned with the Pollinator Project values since 2019 when Professor Dave Goulson (founder of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust in the UK) was brought by the Pollinator Project to present at Les Beaucamps School. Richard subsequently changed his town garden to be better habitat for pollinating insects and has now taken the next level to become a Project director.


Andy Smith is a life member of La Société. With a lifelong interest in nature, his focus is entomology, and he is the County Recorder for the charity Butterfly Conservation, an established birdwatcher, and a member of the Société’s bat section.

artist Bridget SpinneyBridget Spinney was a UK school teacher before moving to Guernsey. Her passion for the environment led her to be involved with the Pollinator Project, with whom she organised the 2021 solitary bee art competition and is currently organising a Pollinator art exhibition and auction.

Lisa Duggan is a member of the Pollinator Project and combines enthusiasm for nature conservation with experience of working for government as well as voluntary work for other charities – currently on a short maternity break.