30/30 Art Auction

Lot 1 - Tiffany Anna Matthews

Original Ben Stiller the Bee | Black framed canvas | 97cm x 97cm
I started painting in 2020, during lockdown number one, and haven't looked back since. I LOVE colour and anything a little crazy and my aim is to bring happiness and colour into everyones home, one canvas at a time…

Lot 4 - Bozena Pollock

Bumble Bees Buzzing | Mixed Media | Series of Four

Bozena Pollock lives and and works in Guernsey, the second largest of the Channel Islands, where she alternates a blossoming art career with raising a family. Her paintings celebrate the looming vastness of the surrounding oceanic environment with its large skies, dramatic sunsets and clear, ever-changing seas. Pollock has a sensual touch and joyously expansive way with colour whilst her work relates to the ancient awe-inspiring aspect of this landscape. Trained at Krakow and Chelsea, Pollock worked in restoration and picture conservation, activities locating her in a serious and professional institutional milieu. Working during her student years at the National Portrait Gallery London and Hampton Court, among other places, Pollock developed an important and useful art history awareness as well as an intimacy with the physical nature of old, modern and contemporary art. The imaginative daring of her paint handling and imaginative vigour of her ever-changing palette surely reflects a mid-european sensibility and heightened appreciation for the soulful retrospection of the Expressionist tradition. True to her cosmopolitan education Pollock has a lofty set of influences. Inspired by the Post Impressionists, by Renoir, who famously painted in Guernsey at Moulin Huet, by local artist Larry Ham as well as by the Americans De Kooning and Diebenkorn, Pollock forges an elemental landscape vision impregnated with a flowing, almost abstract autonomy of colour. Pollock augments her characteristic painterliness with textured nuance, the incorporation of torn collage elements embedded into the paint surface investing the picture with a palpable tactility, the physical nature of which compliments the mercurial energy and atmospheric strength of these irresistible pictures. by Peter Davies July 2017

Lot 7 - Charlie Buchanan

Walk up from Moulin Huet | Watercolour | 49cm x 38cm

I trained at Falmouth School of Art and now combine a part time teaching role at Elizabeth College with painting and bringing up my 4 children.
I work in Watercolour, ink and mixed media. During lockdown we all looked around us more. When we could we swam as a family and Moulin Huet is a favourite of ours, this image of my daughter on the walk up from there is filled with spring light and the burgeoning hedgerow.
I support the Pollinator Project because I love the island I live in, and want my children and grandchildren to enjoy it in the way I have been lucky enough to do.

Lot 2 - Petra Palmeri

"Bumble bee" | Mixed media on Saunders Waterford paper | 25x25 cm and 36x36 cm framed
I am a GP and am also a self-taught artist. I find art is a great stress relief tool. I am a member of Guernsey 'Sarnia Arts and Crafts' and have exhibited in many local galleries and I won 'Brian Pinero Terriss' trophy in the Guernsey Eisteddfodd for best still life in exhibition from 2015 until 2021.It is a privilege and a honour to be able to create a painting that could support the Pollinator Project and Les Bourgs Hospice.

Lot 5 - Peter Le Vasseur

The Chalk-Hill Blue | (Endangered Species) | 26cm x 33cm
Peter Le Vasseur's paintings depict strong images, often linked to environmental themes, and characterised by their intricate level of detail. In the past four decades he has gained international recognition. He has held exhibitions in Europe, the Middle East and the United States of America. Le Vasseur was born in the Channel Islands in 1938. He and his parents left as refugees, travelling to England, prior to the occupation of all the Channel Islands by the Nazis. In 1951, aged thirteen, he won a scholarship to Harrow Art College. In 1963, his first exhibition, at the Portal Gallery in Mayfair, London, was a sell out. This first show led to a further five one-man shows at this gallery over the next ten years. During the sixties, Le Vasseur sold paintings to the Beatles, film stars Rod Steiger and Jerry Lewis, and many other well known people, including the Duke of Bedford and Lord Porchester. Le Vasseur had a painting in the book "The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics", which sold three and a half million copies. Fellow contributors to the book were David Hockney, Allen Jones, Erté, David Bailey, and Sir Eduardo Paolozzi. Other clients include Oliver Reed, Derek Nimmo, Michael Portillo, Ava Gardner, Clare Bloom HRH Princess Anne, HH Prince Sudruddin Aga Khan and Lord Beaumont of Whitby. In 1969 David Puttnam (now Lord Puttnam) acquired a commission for Le Vasseur to produce a series of paintings for The Sunday Times and the National Film Archive, entitled "The History of Cinema". In 1971 this won an award for the Sunday Times. In 1975 Peter decided to return to live in the Channel Islands with his wife Linda, where he works in a cottage tucked away in the lanes of St. Pierre du Bois in Guernsey. In 1993 he was the first artist to win an Earthwatch Scientific Foundation Fellowship, which enabled him to document the flora and fauna of the fast disappearing rain forests of South America. He has also travelled widely in the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates, and Oman. In Africa, during the last ten years, Le Vasseur has visited Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt,Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa, collecting material for his paintings. He also has visited Sri Lanka and the rain forest of St Lucia to research paintings.

Lot 3 - Christine Shaw

Flowers of the Bailiwick | Pen and Ink on Canvas | 30.5cm x 119cm Christine is a versatile artist whose work has continued to diversify over time as she continues to push the boundaries of various Fine Art media. Never one to commit to a single genre, each personal project provides an opportunity for a unique work. The creative turmoil of continual reinvention is what excites her as an artist. ‘Flowers of the Bailiwick’ (pen, ink and acrylic on canvas) Initially this work was one of a series, created as part of a recent exhibition in which the bio-diversity of the Bailiwick was celebrated. I consider the theme of this piece to be perfect for the Pollinator 30/30 Auction, for which I am happy to offer this canvas to help raise awareness, whilst also raising funds for Les Bourgs Hospice; two most worthy causes. Since I began researching and selecting species across the Bailiwick of Guernsey to include in the finished piece, I have become more aware of the location and frequency of some of the rarer plants and how the relationship between insects and even the most common of plants are inextricably linked and reliant upon each other. Awareness is perhaps the first step toward the preservation of all and the small part we can play, to achieve those goals.

Lot 6 - Olympia McEwan

Cherry Blossom | Printing Inks and Collaged papers | 45cm x 60cm
Olympia McEwan is a visual artist living and working in Guernsey. She studied Fine Art at Loughborough College, graduating in 1993. Currently, Olympia’s practice is deeply inspired by the Japanese art of impermanence - Wabi Sabi. This poetic philosophy is built on the aesthetics of restraint, naturalness, joy, and melancholy. Olympia has had several exhibitions on Guernsey, including a solo show at Candie Museum in 2018 called “Amazing Women! Yellow Chair Portraits”. This was a celebratory exhibition of fifteen portrait paintings of women from within the community, who contribute to the happiness of islanders, as well as the lives of many in communities further afield. In 2020, Olympia McEwan curated and published the book, “In Living Memory”, involving over 30 contributors, to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Liberation of the Channel Islands from the occupying German forces, during WW2. “Heartfelt stories and images, together commemorating the freedom we enjoy today.” Dame Mary Perkins “In Living Memory” is a collection of visual arts, essays, poetry and survivor stories; including a piece by internationally renowned author Annie Barrows ( The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society), British artist Chris Foss (Dune, Superman, Alien, Flash Gordon and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy), with an Introduction to the book by the legendary local author, Molly Bihet (A Child’s War & A Time for Memories) plus a foreword by Dame Mary Perkins (co-founder of Specsavers) with all proceeds to Age Concern in Guernsey & Alderney. Copies of the book can be purchased at www.blueormer.co.uk An ongoing project for Olympia, is “Trailblazer - inspiring change and making the world a better place”. These are a group of eight life size portraits in oils, of inspirational women with connections to the island of Guernsey, including a singer-songwriter, the first member of the House of Lords from the Channel Islands and the first woman to be appointed as Her Majesty's Procureur to the States of Guernsey. Between her portrait painting projects, Olympia explores the subject of nature and more specifically, flowers. You can see the full range of her work on her website; olympiamcewan.com

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