Get planting!

A ‘wildlife garden’ doesn’t mean that everything in has to be ‘wild’ or ‘native’. While native wildflowers are certainly good for pollinating insects, some require low nutrient soils and are hard to establish in gardens. There is, however, a whole range of species of flower that are related to our wild flowers but are better suited to domestic gardens.

We have compiled a list of the best of these perennial plants and bulbs that are not only fantastic for pollinators, but also will bring colour and structure to your gardens. We have also chosen these plants because they should be available in local garden centres this Spring.

This list is not exhaustive, and we will update it from time to time. Please let us know if you have found other perennials that work well for pollinators in your Guernsey gardens.



• Try to pick a range of Spring, Summer and Autumn flowering species that will provide pollen and nectar throught the insect year.

• Buy perennials with different types of flower head – tubular for long-tongued bees; flat and open for short-tongued varieties.

• Plant in blocks of the same species. This will help insects find the flowers more easily, as well as reducing the energy required by them flying from flower to flower.

• Many of these flowers will benefit from ‘dead-heading’ to extend their flowering season.

• Avoid modern, highly cultivated, double-flowered forms of plants, as they produce no pollen or nectar.

Download the list here: Perennial list

We will post a list of pollinator friendly, wild flowers that can thrive in gardens later this month.


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