Plant of the Month – Lamb’s-Ear


Lamb’s-ear plants are perennial herbs densely covered with grey or silver-white hairs which will attract Wool Carder Bees (Anthidium mancatum).


Unusually, females of this distinctive species line their nests with plant hairs that they collect from the leaves of of Lamb’s-Ear. Male Wool Carder Bees are aware of this and patrol the plants, fighting off rival males, and mating with any feeding females.


Lamb’s-ear flowers in late spring and early summer; plants produce tall spike-like stems. The flowers are small and light purple. The plants tend to be evergreen but can “die” back during cold winters and regenerate new growth from the crowns.

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  1. Malcolm Heath says:

    Just returned from your excellent talk at the Les Cotils, would be good if you could do something similar with the Guernsey Bee Keepers. I am a member and the general outlook is “bee keeping only” we need a perspective on the big picture as you have clearly demonstrated.
    Many Thanks Malcolm Heath


    1. barrywells says:

      Thanks Malcolm. We would love to! Should we talk to Damian?


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